Someday There Will Be Snow

December 27th, 2018 Posted by

Dear Santa,

I know not everyone believes in you.  I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas even.  But please, don’t let that ruin the magic of the season.  People seem a little bit happier this time of year when they are being kind to one another.  It could be the gifts or the pure amount of sugar that is consumed in cookies, cake, and candy during December alone.  I’m surprised that not more of them turn into little sugar cubes!  Whatever it is Santa, the majority of these humans do their best to be loving, courageous, and kind during this holiday season.

You gave this little elf the mission to look after this Howry crowd.  I do have to say they are a unique bunch who like to celebrate.  I have seen them get excited over the smallest things (like new calendars and pens) to really big, fun things like parties.  Speaking of parties, this group knows how to party.  They have all sorts of food – sweet, savory, and even some vegetables mixed in.  The music seemed to be always going and sometimes a brave soul or two who tried to sing along.  Overall, I have not come across a nicer, kinder, more caring group of individuals.  From the people who work in the homes to the maintenance workers to the nurses to the administration, you can tell that each and every one of them deeply cares about the people they work with.

Even though most don’t believe Santa, I want you to know that they all carried out the holiday spirit in full force.  Clients designed and decorated cards for the annual Howry Holiday Card Contest.  The winning design was printed on over 300 cards and sent out as a New Year’s Card.  The clients also gathered for their holiday party in Eagan.  They dined on Famous Dave’s, played games, and had a special guest appearance by someone who looked remarkably similar to yourself if I do say so.  The staff members showed such thoughtfulness and generosity throughout the whole evening.  It was such a beautiful sight to behold.

So Santa, I believe I finished my mission.  Howry has shown the holiday spirit, regardless of whether they believe in you or not.  The underlying beliefs that all humans deserve love, care, kindness, and attention have helped make this December one to remember here at Howry.  Plus, I learned a little sugar cookie and chocolate never really hurt anyone – not even an elf.  Now, if we can just get some snow, we can send 2018 packing in a proper way.  Thank you again, Santa for this spectacular chance to observe humans up close and personal.

Your Friend,

Sparkle The Elf