Peer2Peer – Stronger Together

April 10th, 2019 Posted by

Peer Support Heroes

Howry’s Peer2Peer Support Groups celebrated its third anniversary by unveiling its new t-shirt design of the “Peer Support Hero.”  Standing strong and united, these support heroes are poised to work together to save the world together.  And that, in essence, is what this group has done.

The Peer2Peer group is a way to connect people who share similar experiences and provide a safe place for them to encourage and talk with each other.  Members welcome one another each week, enjoy some delicious snacks, and discuss relevant topics.  It is a great way to get out and meet people and share thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, and fears.  Occasionally, members arrange other outings in the community just to add some sparkle to life.

Growing Bigger & Stronger Every Year

New this year, Peer2Peer added a companion group in Rochester.  Like the one started in the Twin Cities, the Rochester Howry Peer2Peer chapter holds regular meetings to not only discuss current events but also supports members in the community with a safe place to talk openly.  Additionally, the Rochester Peer2Peer group has arranged for some local outings, game nights, and even a picnic.  

Both the chapters of Peer2Peer continue to grow in number and depth of relationships.  Each one showing that they are the true Peer Support Heroes of the community.  Bit by bit.  Person by person.  Peer2Peer is growing bigger and stronger as they grow closer together.