About Howry Residential Services

Client-Centered Residential Services That Get Results

Howry Residential Services (HRS) provides home-based services to clients with developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, and mental illness. But we don’t stop there. Ever present, person-centered thinking is at the heart of the partnerships we form with our clients. This home-based treatment approach is necessary to enhance the clinical outcome of treatment as well as engage natural and gentle supports so clients and their families can reach specific milestones.

We empower our clients by listening, observing, and thoughtfully engaging on a highly personalized level.

Howry provides living options that lend support to people of all ages and developmental and intellectual disabilities. We work to maximize quality of life through the fostering of self-determination, the development of independent living skills, and socially responsible behavior.

Over 300 Skilled and Compassionate Staff

The members of our staff are very carefully chosen. We employ highly skilled and compassionate individuals who bring the warmth, humor, and the Howry’s, “Can Do!” attitude into the homes of our clients each day.

We strive to lead by example and that starts with providing consistent high-quality residential services that go beyond a catchy philosophy and enthusiastic down-to-earth management. It’s about leading by example, it’s about quality, it’s about a well-trained staff and providing the necessary support for a team that has the right attitude and knowledge to do extraordinary things for clients.

An In-House Training Department

To ensure that our employees are always on the same page and have the necessary skills to carry out the most complex tasks with accuracy and consistency, we have our own in-house training department. Our classes are always evolving and the coursework includes everything from diversity and driver’s training to medication administration.

Meeting Challenges Head-On

Something that sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to meet challenges head-on. Sometimes, residential services aren’t enough for clients, so we rise to the occasion and provide the best solutions for our clients. When necessary, Howry’s Behavior Services are ready to step in with a highly trained behavior analyst to address challenges. We also have ILS counselors that take a sensory approach by combining balance, auditory, and visual exercises that are customized to the client.

Our vision is to give individuals the home-based services needed to support their dignity, health, happiness, and quality of life.

To learn more about our services, call us at 651-917-9111 or fill out our contact form and someone will call you back.