Peer2Peer Support Group

May 01st, 2018 Posted by

Peer2Peer is proud to be in its second year at Howry.  Run by and for individuals with disabilities, it provides a new way to connect with people who share similar experiences.  One of the main aspects of peer support is assisting members in advocacy.  Helping each other learn to ask in a respectful and meaningful way to get the things they need.  The group also allows members to learn from other’s experiences.  It provides members with a safe, secure environment to encourage each other along their journeys.  Group members are also urged to express any discouragement, conflict, triumph, and success they may have had during the week.

Additionally, this group also acts as a wonderful social gathering place.  People are able to get away from their regular routines and venture to a new place.   There they get to meet new people and share their thoughts and feelings about a variety of subject matter.  Not only do they get to be a support for new and old friends alike but also receive that as well.