It’s A Party!

April 01st, 2018 Posted by

Laughter filled the halls.  Dishes clattered as hungry guests filled them with food.  Savory smells wafted from the kitchen.  An ooey, gooey chocolate fountain beckoned guests with its array of treats to dip into its luscious chocolate waves.  Bowling and bocce balls shined bright – ready for players to pick them up and play with them at any moment.

Welcome to Howry’s Winter Employee Celebration!  This year, we moved from our traditional location at Elsie’s in Northeast Minneapolis to Pinstripes in Edina.  Although it was a new location, it had many great advantages.  Howry employees had the entire second floor to themselves.  Employees bowled and played bocce ball.  Additionally, many took advantage of the warm weather and sat outside near the fire pit.  Who would have thought you could do that in the middle of March?  Like most of our employee celebrations, this one too had its fair share of prizes and awards.  One of the new editions we had this year was a “Staff Spotlight” that highlighted different staff at each of our homes.

Overall, everyone appeared to have a good time and enjoyed the party.  Perhaps one of the greatest highlights of the night was having Howry’s owner and President, Susan Howry, join us for the celebration.  It was certainly a marvelous night and one to remember.