DSP – The Unsung Superhero

September 01st, 2018 Posted by

Whatever type of work we do, there exists the opportunity in it to create good.  An opportunity to lift up another person.  An opportunity to bring light and laughter into their life.  Some days, it may be challenging to look back and see where the good was. But for those who work with people who need support, finding that good can be much easier.

This September we celebrate Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).  These dedicated individuals work directly with people who may have physical disabilities and/or intellectual disabilities.  Their main goal is to assist individuals in mixing into their community or into the least limiting environment.  DSPs are the people who help to carry out these objectives.  They do so with great preparation, planning, and compassion. As a result of advocating and providing opportunities,  our residents are able to enjoy a full life.

Additionally, DSPs provide support for a wide range of daily tasks.  These lifelong skills will ultimately help individuals reach their goals.  Such goals can include returning to home, work or school following a brain injury.  Seeking employment or joining in community activities they enjoy. Depending on the needs of the individuals the skills can vary as well.  The DSP might provide transportation to or from appointments, skill-building classes, or jobs.  They may also aid in job skill development or helping individuals participate in therapeutic and social activities.

Regardless of the process is, the commitment demonstrated by our Direct Support Professionals helps open doors for the people we serve, helping them in shaping the course of their own lives.  Often it is our DSPs who literally bring individuals into the larger community—people with disabilities and all they contribute. In doing so, these professionals help the larger community to move aside those barriers—social, political, and structural—that may have stopped us from being hospitable and welcoming to everyone.

So, this month, especially, we honor our DSPs.  We praise them for their compassion and their caring attentiveness. We realize we can never recognize and appreciate them enough for the valuable roles they play.  May they let their light shine, and may we follow their example to move aside every barrier in the path to full participation and inclusive community, for everyone!