Services Available


Behavioral supports may be provided in the home or community.  Behavioral support service consists of three progressive staffing levels. More than one staffing level can be authorized.

Waiver behavior professionals

  • Complete individualized functional assessments.
  • Develop person-centered, positive practice, individualized behavior support plans that identify specific proactive and, if necessary, reactive up to and including emergency intervention strategies.
  • Distribute plans to those with a need to know.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of the service.
  • Modify plans as necessary.
  • Provide onsite instructional learning regarding the use of behavioral
  • Train and supervise waiver behavior analysts and specialists.
  • Waiver behavior professional consultative activities may be delivered face-to-face or via remote communication, such as telephone or web.

Waiver behavior analysts

  • Oversee implementation of the person-centered, positive practice behavior support plan, which includes assessing the adequacy of the plan.
  • Train and direct waiver behavior specialists or caregivers who implement the behavior support plan.
  • Provide feedback to and coordinate with the waiver behavior professional.
  • ¬†Design data collection methodology.
  • Train and oversee data collection.

Waiver behavior specialists

  • Collect and record behavioral data.
  • Communicate questions or concerns to the waiver behavior professional or analyst.
  • Implement the person-centered, positive practice behavior support plans