Someday There Will Be Snow

Dear Santa, I know not everyone believes in you.  I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas even.  But please, don’t let that ruin the magic… Read more »

Attitude of Gratitude

I don’t know about you, but virtually every November in elementary school we had at least one activity (if not one weekly) that helped us… Read more »

So Long…Farewell…

We would like to congratulate Harry, from our maintenance department, on his retirement! This is a moment when we are not only proud and happy… Read more »

Movin’ On Up

Spring.  A time of growth and new beginnings.  And growth and new beginnings have been what we experienced during the last month and a half… Read more »

Peer2Peer Support Group

Peer2Peer is proud to be in its second year at Howry.  Run by and for individuals with disabilities, it provides a new way to connect… Read more »

It’s A Party!

Laughter filled the halls.  Dishes clattered as hungry guests filled them with food.  Savory smells wafted from the kitchen.  An ooey, gooey chocolate fountain beckoned… Read more »

Daily Life. Daily Dreams.

Daily Life, Daily Dreams. That’s what the amazing staff supporting individuals with disabilities across the state of Minnesota deliver. On Tuesday, March 13th people from… Read more »