About Howry Residential Services

Howry Residential Services (HRS) is a provider of home based services to clients with physical and developmental disability, traumatic brain injury, and mental illness. Employing a team of professionals who work in tandem with the clients, HRS provides gentle supports and client empowerment by listening, observing, and through thoughtful engagement with each individual. Ever present, person centered thinking is at the heart of these partnerships; an invaluable tool in all that we do. We are made up of over 300 skilled and compassionate staff who bring warmth, humor, and Howry’s “Can Do!” attitude to our homes each and every day.

Providing consistent high quality residential services is about far more than a catchy philosophy and enthusiastic down to earth management. It’s leading by example. It’s about quality well trained staff It’s about supporting the entire “team” with the right knowledge and attitude to do an extraordinarily difficult and ever changing job together.

With its own in house training department HRS meets the challenge head on always offering new and evolving classes and coursework in subjects as varied as “diversity”, “driver’s training”, and “medication administration”. For the most challenging clients sometimes the best residential services still aren’t quite enough. In this event Howry’s Behavior Services is ready to step in with highly trained behavior analyst / specialist services as well as with ILS counselors.